Tuesday, 19 September 2017

You can access your computer from anywhere

You can control your computer completely from any place. Here  i will tell you how you can get access to your computer easily sitting away.

Apple and Microsoft Tools:-

Both Apple and Microsoft have their own remote desktop tools. But it depends on you what you need. However, this option should not be your first choice. Let us know that Apple has a large-scale sales of a remote desktop program at a price of $ 79.99. But it's really for IT professionals and network managers. On the other hand, if you want to connect one Mac to another Mac, then screen sharing can be a better option for you. You will not need to spend anything for this.

For this you have to go to the system preference. After this, click Sharing and tick the screen sharing button. Now, go back to system preference, go to iCloud section and tick on Back to My Mac. After setting this up, you can access your original Mac from another MacOS machine that is signed in your old iCloud account. Now open Finder and go to the share section of the sidebar. Now find your home computer in this section, click it and select the share screen.

Screen sharing works great for Mac devices. This makes the process of accessing your Apple computer from any other operating system to a bit complicated. When you move to MacOS from Windows and other devices using this method, then you will need some advanced networks for this. Instead, you can use third party remote desktop tools.

Microsoft makes its own remote desktop device for both Windows and MacOS. But let us tell you that you can only connect it to a Windows Professional, Ultimate or a machine that runs on the Enterprise version of Windows. However, if you have installed any of these versions of Windows, you can use the remote desktop assistant program to configure access. But you can use third-party option instead.

Third-party tools: Google Chrome

1.Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
2.On your computer, open Chrome.
3.In the address bar at the top, type chrome://apps, and press Enter.
4.Click Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop App.
5.Under "My Computers," click Get started.
6.Click Enable remote connections.
7.Enter a PIN and re-type the PIN. Click OK.
8.Click Yes to install the Chrome Remote Desktop service.
9.Confirm the Google Account and enter the PIN again to continue.
10.The computer you allowed should show up under "My Computers."

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Friday, 15 September 2017

How to check password is secure or not ?

Through this website, users will know that their password has never been hacked or not. For this, users will have to go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords this link. After that, they have to enter their password in the space given below. If you have good news - no password  found!.

If your message comes up then your password is absolutely safe. Right there, oh no! If the Pwned Message comes in Red Color then you need to change your password.

Users can protect their passwords through these tips :

1. Do not use easy password like birth date, your name, 12345 etc.

2. When using Password, always use Captill Litter, Small Letter, Special Character and Numbers.

3.Never share your password with anyone.

4.Do not use the same password for each of your IDs.

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Monday, 11 September 2017

View Hidden WIFI Passwords in Android devices

In such a case, if you use any public Wi-Fi anywhere whose password is saved once upon your smartphone. But if you can not see it, then today we will tell you how to know the password of the Wi-Fi network.

Before starting, let me know that this process works only on Android devices. In addition, you can not get the admin access to Wi-Fi access without having access to this because this information is stored in the system's system folder.

Step 1 - First you need to install WiFi password viewer (root) from Google Play Store.

Step 2- Once the app is installed, allow all the things the app is asking for you. This will allow the app to read that save file, where your Wi-Fi passwords are stored.

Step 3- After giving permission on your behalf, the app will release a list of all the network password that you have already connected.

Step 4- If you want to share it with your friends, then tap an entry in the list, where you can copy the password to the clipboard or share it via any app. Also, you can also create a QR code.

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

How the files in the Phone can be hid and personal data through Calculator

Step 1. For this, users can use Smart Hyde Calculator app . You can download this app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. When you open this app, you have to set a password in it. After setting the password, confirm it.

Step 3. After this you will also be asked for an additional password which you can skip.

Step 4. You have to use it (=) for OK.

Step 5. When you set the password, you will have several options including Hyde files and unheard files.

Step 6. After this you have to click on the Hyd files and select the files which you want to hide. Your files will be hid.

So, how do you look like a calculator can hide your information by hiding all your files.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to connect Pubilc WIFI free

If you Want to use Free Wifi , So follow below Steps :-

Step 1- The first app is WeFi Pro, this app will be available to you at Google Play Store. It can be downloaded for free. Its specialty is that you will not need to search for Wi-Fi in the phone. This app will automatically detect the public Wi-Fi connectivity to the phone.

Step 2- The second app is Instabridge. It is also available free on the Google Play Store. Through this app you can connect the phone to the public Wi-Fi. The specialty of this app is that it connects your phone to the fastest network. Not only this, if it does not find any network, it switches to the mobile network.

Step 3- Apart from this, if you use Facebook, you can find Wi-Fi from here too. You need to login to Facebook for this. After this, click on the menu options on the right hand side. Here you will get the option of app. Click on See All in it. Here you will find the option of wi-fi. Tap on it.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

You can create a YouTube channel from your phone

To make Android Mobile or PC, YouTube Video Channel you must first have a Gmail account.

- To create a Gmail account in Android phones, first go to the phone's settings and choose Account   and Sync there.
- The option of the ad account will appear, click it. Click Create Account here.
- Pin it with and your Gmail account will be created.

Video upload method:-
 You can upload videos from Android phones as soon as a Gmail account is created. For this you have to open the YouTube app in the phone.

- There are many options here that you will have to click on the account button. Although the account will not be written on any button, the same symbol of the profile picture that is created is the same account button.

- Clicking on it will show you the option of Mai video. Here you will get the option of upload video.

- Click on it. With this you will be able to get videos available in the front gallery gallery, which you can upload.

- You will also get the option of recording the video above, if you wish, then you can record the video and upload it to YouTube.

- You can also write title and description of the uploading video.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

How to find e-mail sender's location

First way: search the e-mail ID

Copy the mail ID you are receiving from. Now visit the pipl or spokeo website. After this, paste the e-mail ID here and paste it. Here you will find other details of the mail id along with the location.

Second way: Facebook

Under this, please copy the e-mail ID and search in Facebook. If such a person had created a Facebook account with this ID, then you will get his information.